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Nations Journal, Vol. 2: OUT NOW

We are thrilled to announce that Nations Journal, Vol. 2 is here! Read on for a sneak peak of what's inside, and order your copy now!

Meet Jeremy and Jessica Courtney, founders of Preemptive Love Coalition, an organization dedicated to combatting fear with acts of love. By building bridges and seeking reconciliation in one of the world's most difficult places, Jeremy and Jessica teach us what it means to love first and love anyway.

Meet the faces behind Thrive Rescue and Shear Love International as they make a ministry of solidarity in Pattaya, Thailand, the world capital for sex trafficking.

Meet Pastor Manuel, a humble Cuban pastor who leads a growing number of house churches in Havana, Cuba. While meeting with Manuel and various house church leaders, we witnessed a surprising narrative that God is orchestrating in Cuba.

Since civil war broke out in Syria in March 2011, an estimated 11 million Syrians have sought sanctuary in neighboring countries and Europe. The influx of refugees has escalated into the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. From the trenches of this catastrophe, a steadfast team of reformers invites the worldwide Church to go deeper than ever before.

Meet Wilson Kabeera, founder of Empower-A-Child, and learn how one simple act of love catapulted him into a lifetime of service to the Ugandan people.

Meet Jacqueline Issac, estate attorney on one day, human rights advocate on another. She currently works alongside her mother Yvette as the vice president of Roads of Success. Together they are a voice for human rights issues facing minorities in the Middle East. Read her incredible testimonies as she follows a call to free the oppressed and bridge the gap between the Middle East and the West

Meet renowned humanitarian photographer Esther Havens as she gives practical advice on how to avoid exploitative photography in places of pain and poverty, and how to capture joy and dignity in your subjects.

Kyle Stewart looks at what it means to respond to the refugee crisis with a diligent ear to hear, a discerning heart to listen, and a sharp eye to see our call.


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